164 Bruce Rd. 2

R.R. # 4


(519) 881-0709


Local Rules and Etiquette


     1.     All property fences are marked with white stakes - Out of Bounds, Stroke and Distance.

     2.     Water Hazard - one stroke.

     3.     #7 Protection screen. Free lift from obstructed swing.

     4.     Trees less than 6 feet tall - Free drop - closest point of relief.         No penalty.


     1.     Proper golf dress is preferred. Shirts and shoes must be worn         at all times.

     2.     Alcohol, other than that purchased from WGCC, is prohibited.

     3.     Slow players are asked to let faster players play through.

     4.     No trespassing in neighbouring properties.

     5.     Please rake bunkers, replacing divots and repair ball marks. (CLICK on one of the links in this step in order to see the proper way of raking bunkers, replacing divots and repairing ball marks)

Power Carts

Power carts have become the norm for a lot of our golfers in recent years.  While they are an important source of revenue for Clubs, power carts also have a negative side to them.  Power carts create lots of damage to the turf and make it difficult to grow grass in areas where they are driven most.

We often see golfers parking or driving their power carts where they maybe shouldn't, so I want to share some tips with you to help keep your golf course looking good.

1. drive your power cart in the rough as much as possible and then cross the fairway at a 90 degree angle to get to your ball - the grass in the rough can handle more wear and tear from the carts


2. park your cart on the cart paths provided - if there is no path, then park behind the green and not

    in front


3. park your power cart on a level surface - we had one unattended power cart slide into the creek

    last year because it was parked on the downhill slope 


4. for those who have physical disabilities and can't walk a great distance - parking at the rear of

    the green is 100% better than parking in front


5. when the grass is wet please be extra careful - the turf tires on a power cart are not designed to

    handle wet hills and steep slopes at a fast speed


6. if there are ropes or signs directing traffic, please follow them and don't drive around them - they

    are there for a reason


Hopefully these few tips are informative and help you the next time that you operate a power cart.